Grain Finished Eye Fillet

Grain Finished Eye Fillet

Wakanui Blue Eye fillet - The cattle are grass fed initially then finished on grain for 70 to 90 days. Wakanui Blue beef has more intense marbling than that of its grass fed cousin, the Angus breed. Cooked as a whole fillet, (as recommended) the results are fantastic, the shape of an eye fillet can give rise to irregular cooking - the marbling in Wakanui Blue prevents this.

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Guide to Meat

The best cooking technique for Eye Fillet Steak

Choose either AngusPure or Wakanui Blue eye fillet. Take the steak out of the fridge for 20 minutes before cooking to let it reach room temperature. Oil the steak, but not the pan and then season accordingly. We especially recommend Sale Alla Erbe (sea salt with herbs - recommended by Simon Gault) available from our pantry range. Heat the pan to a very high heat, and then cook steaks 3 minutes each side for rare, or 4.5 minutes each side for medium. Once you have finished cooking, rest the meat on a plate or loosely cover with tin foil for five minutes before serving. Letting the meat stand is a very important aspect and the secret to a delicious steak, it also ensures a consistent cook through, and ultimate tenderness.

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